Next Civilization

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Next Civilization

English | PDF,EPUB | 2021 | 337 Pages | ISBN : 3030623297 | 29.3 MB

“Digital transformation” sounds harmless, given that the explosion in data volumes, processing power and Artificial Intelligence has driven humanity and the entire world to a point of no return. We will surely see a new civilization, but we are at a crossroads. The future needs to be re-invented, decisions must be taken.
After the automation of factories and the creation of self-driving cars, the automation of society is on its way. But there are two kinds of automation: a centralized top-down control of the world and a distributed control approach, supportinglocal self-organization. Using the power of today’s information systems, governments and big tech companies seem to engage in the first approach. Might they even build a ?digital Crystal Ball” that knows almost everything, including your personality, and a super-intelligent “digital God” to control what we do?

We are much closer to such ?science fiction scenarios” than you probably think.
In this much expanded second edition of “The Automation of Society is Next: How to Survive the Digital Revolution” (2015), the author discusses lessons learned on digital democracy, aspects of transhumanism and far-reaching thoughts about life in the digital age and what it may mean to be human in the future.

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