Multimedia Sensor Networks

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Multimedia Sensor Networks

English | PDF,EPUB | 2021 | 258 Pages | ISBN : 9811601062 | 47.5 MB

Sensor networks are an essential component of the Internet of Things (IoT), and Multimedia Sensor Networks (MSNs) are the most important emerging area in sensor networks. However, multimedia sensing is characterized by diversified modes, large volumes of data, considerable heterogeneity, and complex computing, as a result of which the theory and methods for traditional sensor networks can’t be applied to MSNs.
Based on the authors’ years of systematic research on related theory and methods, this book provides a comprehensive review of MSNs. The coverage ranges from networked sensing and fusion-based transmission, to route discovery and in-network computing. The book presents the most important scientific discoveries and fundamental theories on MSNs, while also exploring practical approaches and typical applications. Given its scope, it is especially suitable for students, researchers and practitioners interested in understanding scientific problems involved in characterizing multimedia sensing features, revealing the transmission mechanisms of MSNs, and constructing efficient in-network multimedia computing paradigms. In this book, readers will learn essential methods for achieving the optimal deployment of, efficient and reliable transmission, and timely information processing in MSNs.


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