Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering: State of the Art and New Challenges

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Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering: State of the Art and New Challenges

English | ISBN: 3030105008 | 2019 | 478 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 71 MB

This book presents advanced case studies that address a range of important issues arising in space engineering. An overview of challenging operational scenarios is presented, with an in-depth exposition of related mathematical modeling, algorithmic and numerical solution aspects. The model development and optimization approaches discussed in the book can be extended also towards other application areas.
The topics discussed illustrate current research trends and challenges in space engineering as summarized by the following list:
Next Generation Gravity Missions
Continuous-Thrust Trajectories by Evolutionary Neurocontrol
Nonparametric Importance Sampling for Launcher Stage Fallout
Dynamic System Control Dispatch
Optimal Launch Date of Interplanetary Missions
Optimal Topological Design
Evidence-Based Robust Optimization
Interplanetary Trajectory Design by Machine Learning
Real-Time Optimal Control
Optimal Finite Thrust Orbital Transfers
Planning and Scheduling of Multiple Satellite Missions
Trajectory Performance Analysis
Ascent Trajectory and Guidance Optimization
Small Satellite Attitude Determination and Control
Optimized Packings in Space Engineering
Time-Optimal Transfers of All-Electric GEO Satellites
Researchers working on space engineering applications will find this work a valuable, practical source of information. Academics, graduate and post-graduate students working in aerospace, engineering, applied mathematics, operations research, and optimal control will find useful information regarding model development and solution techniques, in conjunction with real-world applications.

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