Millets and Millet Technology

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Millets and Millet Technology

English | PDF,EPUB | 2021 | 445 Pages | ISBN : 9811606757 | 58.6 MB

Millets are small-grained, annual, warm weather cereal. The millets offer both nutritional and livelihood security of human population and fodder security of diverse livestock population in dryland region of India. Millets are highly nutritious, they are known as health foods especially for control of diabetes and mineral deficiencies. One of the major factors for declining consumption of millets is the lack of awareness of their nutritive value and inconvenience of their preparation.
This book covers both, chemistry and novel technology for millet processing and development. It summarizes the latest information on millets, their nutritional and health benefits, historical perspective, utilization, R&D efforts, present status and the importance being given by policy makers for promoting millets for sustainable agriculture and healthy society. The book is compiled by various experts keeping in view syllabi of different research institutions, researchers, students as well requirement of the industry. It will serve as instructional material for researchers in food science, microbiology, process engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology and reference material for those working in industry and R & D labs.


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