Mathematics Entertainment For The Millions

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Mathematics Entertainment For The Millions

2020 | ISBN: 9811219907, 9811219281 | English | 304 Pages | PDF | 52 MB

This book demonstrates to the general audience that mathematics can be entertaining and fun, rather than the sad reputation it has gained over decades from uninspired school instruction that is often devoid of enrichment or motivational considerations.
The book is designed in such a way that a reader will need almost no special preparation in mathematics, but to recall some of the most basic concepts that were taught at the lower-secondary-grade level.

Yet, by the same token, the book will hopefully open up doors for those less motivated in mathematics – to interest readers to investigate some of the topics presented and thereby enhance their knowledge of mathematics – something most general readers will not initially find possible, but we hope will be an end product of this book. Readership: General public, mathematics teachers, mathematics enthusiasts.


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