Mastering Linux System Administration

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Mastering Linux System Administration

English | July 27th, 2021 | ISBN: 1119794455 | 576 Pages | True EPUB | 13.00 MB

AchieveLinux?system administration?mastery with time-tested and proven?techniques

In?Mastering Linux System Administration, Linux experts?and system administrators?Christine Bresnahan?and Richard Blum?deliver?a comprehensive roadmap to go from Linux beginner to expert Linux system administrator?with a learning-by-doing approach. Organized by?do-it-yourself tasks, the book includes instructor materials like a sample syllabus, additional review questions, and?slide decks.

Amongst the practical applications of the Linux operating system included within,?you’ll?find detailed and easy-to-follow instruction on:
Installing Linux servers, understanding the boot and?initialization processes, managing hardware, and working with networks
Accessing the Linux command line, working with the virtual directory structure, and creating shell scripts to automate administrative tasks
Managing Linux user accounts, system security, web and database servers, and?virtualization environments

Perfect for entry-level Linux system administrators, as well as system administrators familiar with Windows, Mac, NetWare, or other UNIX systems,?Mastering Linux System Administration?is a must-read guide to?manage and secure Linux servers.


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