Master Touch

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Master Touch

English | ISBN: 1612328172 | 188 Pages | EPU | September 11, 2012 | 1.47 MB

When Hollywood’s hottest sex symbol, Damion Tanner, tipsy on champagne, meets coolly-beautiful, impeccably-prim Alessandra Hawkins, he feels compelled to sober up fast. But, despite his charming apologies and thousand-watt smiles, she’s unimpressed by the Oscar he’s just won and unmoved by his masterful technique. He’s absolutely furious! Damion’s further goaded when, seated opposite Sandi on a television talk show, she’s introduced as a noted sex therapist… and proceeds to challenge his legendary prowess. Clearly, this woman is nature’s answer to the frost-free freezer! Then why does the thought of a naked, disheveled Sandi so fire his blood? Why does he wager he can seduce even her?


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