Master Brazilian Piano: Choro, Samba, and Bossa Nova

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Master Brazilian Piano: Choro, Samba, and Bossa Nova

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08NQ4DPBG | 104 Pages | PDF | 6.46 MB

This book is intended for intermediate and advanced keyboard players interested in improving their ability to play Brazilian music. It is assumed that you can read music and have a basic understanding of chord construction and common chord symbols. Even without this background, you can incorporate some of the fundamentals by studying the text and working. Parts of the book will be useful for non-pianists interested in developing a better understanding and feel.
Just as Brazil has a rich diversity in plant and animal lifo in its rain forests, so too is it home to a wide variety of musical styles. The musical culture of Brazil, spread over a large geographical area , has many roots and manifestations. A thorough description of it would require a series of books. Our goal for this book is to. present elements of the branch that is most appealing to keyboard players and familiar to audiences outside of Brazil. In keeping with this goal, this book features choro, samba, and bossa nova, which form a line that runs through the core of the Brazilian national style of music. For additional information on Brazilian music.


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