Marine Microbiology: Ecology & Applications

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Marine Microbiology: Ecology & Applications

2003 | 323 Pages | ISBN: 1859962882 | PDF | 7 MB

The Advanced Text series is designed for students taking advanced-level courses, including upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. Titles in this series will also be invaluable to researchers new to a field, and to established researchers as a basic reference text. New tools and an increased interest in ecological factors have caused an upsurge of interest in this field of study. The book aims to convey the fascinating discoveries and great importance of this fast moving discipline to the student. Marine Microbiology is divided into three sections: the first reviews the main features of the marine environment and key aspects of marine microbial life; the second looks at the role of marine microorganisms in ecology, and the final section considers some of the applications of this knowledge, looking into areas such as disease and biodegradation.


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