Marathon Man: My Life, My Father’s Stroke and Running 35 Marathons in 35 Days

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Marathon Man: My Life, My Father's Stroke and Running 35 Marathons in 35 Days

English | June 27, 2021 | ISBN: 1838365001 | 314 Pages | MOBI | 2.79 MB

MARATHON MAN is an uplifting story of an extraordinary achievement – all the more gripping given that the author was an inexperienced long-distance runner and only 20 when embarking on his mission to run 35 marathons in 35 consecutive days. Alan Corcoran’s response to the shock of his dad’s stroke, was to get active, create positive from negative and raise money for charity. Alan faced many obstacles along the road – beyond the sheer physicalendurance challenge of running 1,500 kilometres around Ireland. He candidly submerges the reader into his world with an endearingly light touch, showing how through sheer perseverance, you can achieve your objectives. Alan’s humour, positivity and pure determination shine through this story. Whatever your challenge, this book will show you that you can succeed.

‘A fantastic read’ – Love Reading, the UK’s leading book recommendation website

‘An intimate and uplifting story of grit, tenacity and healing and one that is sure to stir the soul.’ – Dean Karnazes, New York Times best-selling author and ultra-distance runner

‘With total drive, belief and preparation anything can be achieved. Alan is a triumphant success and a huge example to all. Bravo!’ – Eddie Jordan OBE, Businessman and former Formula One team owner

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‘The best running books have character, an amazing tale and passion. This ticks all those boxes and more.’ – Paul Larkins, editor, Trail Running magazine

‘Inspiration for anyone to raise the bar on their own fitness goals.’ – Men’s Fitness magazine