Map and Compass

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Map and Compass: A comprehensive guide to navigation

By Pete Hawkins
English | 2013 | ISBN-10 : 1852845988 | 176 Pages | EPUB | 11 MB

This comprehensive guidebook to navigation with a map and compass, but also with advice about using GPS and digital mapping systems, aims to help readers make the most of their outdoor experiences by learning how to use the map compass correctly.

The techniques described will give readers the freedom to get away from the crowds, invent their own routes and discover new areas, even where the GPS fails. Chapters cover understanding a map, features, grid refs, contours; planning walks carefully; taking bearings, walking with a compass; timing, pacing and other techniques; what to do when you get lost and in poor visibility or darkness; navigating abroad and GPS and other digital technology.

Packed with useful practical exercises and examples. Written by an experienced navigation trainer.


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