Management of Pancreatic Cancer and Cholangiocarcinoma

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Management of Pancreatic Cancer and Cholangiocarcinoma

English | PDF,EPUB | 2021 | 318 Pages | ISBN : 9811628696 | 34.3 MB

This comprehensive book presents the latest evidence-based data on pancreatobiliary malignancies, including the epidemiology, examination, treatment and endoscopic management. It explores a range of topics, such as risk factors, detection strategies, and novel treatment approaches like precision medicine and immunotherapy.
Although there have been rapid improvements in the management of these diseases, the survival period has not yet reached a satisfactory level. This book will help those doctors needing to share the latest information with the patients and their families. It provides a wealth of practical information to help surgeons, endoscopists and oncologists as well as physicians, basic researchers and professionals at medical device and pharmaceutical companies broaden their understanding of the current treatment and management strategies for pancreatobiliary malignancies.


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