Loosen A Man’s Sphincter: Unlock The Mystery Of Painless Anal Sex

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Loosen A Man's Sphincter: Unlock The Mystery Of Painless Anal Sex

English | May 31, 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07BZNM3YJ | 27 Pages | EPUB | 0.15 MB

Loosen Your Partner’s Sphincter In Less Than :60As his partner you can teach him a wildly clever way to completely and involuntarily relax his sphincter muscle. It’s NOT kegels, a breathing technique, or progressive muscle relaxation. Say hello to pain-free anal sex!

You Can Loosen A Man’s Sphincter In Less Than 60 SecondsWithout putting him in some weird position.

Or giving him drugs.

Or alcohol.

You can do it by simply introducing him to a technique that causes the sphincter to release involuntarily. You read that right. Involuntarily.

It means his sphincter muscles relax without conscious effort.

Without telling himself to relax.

Without using a breathing technique.

Or progressive muscle relaxation.

Without kegels.

Say Hello To The PNF Technique Neuromuscular specialists call it, “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation” or PNF. Don’t let the fancy-schmancy name fool you. It just refers to a “contraction/release” method that gives muscles like the sphincter no choice but to relax.

Now, imagine what your sex life is going to look like if you have the power to get your partner’s sphincter to relax enough to have pain-free anal sex. Not only will you enjoy the physical act of anally penetrating him you will earn his respect and admiration for teaching him how to broaden his sexual horizons.

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As a sex columnist, I’ve answered thousands of questions over the course of my career and if t here’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that people don’t want acres and acres of explanation before getting down to essential information. That’s why you’ll notice that this is a short book. Very short.

This is not an accident. I know when you ask for the time you don’t want to know how the watch was built. And so I’ve limited the information in this book strictly to answering a single question: How can you help your male partner relax his sphincter enough to enjoy pain-free analsex?

If you want the history of enemas, a guide to anal wellness, an explanation of sexually transmitted diseases or the general care and feeding of the gluteus maximus you’re out of luck.

QUICK! Do a Test!
You ready to experience the involuntary release of your own sphincter? Bring up the stopwatch feature in your smartphone right now and do this: Start the clock and clench your sphincter as hard as you can for as long as you can. In the next :60 do not, under any circumstances, consciously release your sphincter. Let me repeat that because it’s important:


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Ready? Set? GO!

Here’s what typically happens:
Stage 1
0 – :10 You feel fine.
Stage 2
:11- :20 It’s a slight struggle keeping the sphincter tight.
Stage 3
:21 – :30 It’s now a real struggle.
Stage 4
:31 – :40 You’re running out of dilithium crystals to keep the tightness going!
Stage 5
:41 – :50 It’s a Defcon 5 moment. You’re trying your hardest to keep it clenched but…
Stage 6
:51 – :60 Your sphincter involuntarily releases despite consciously trying to keep it clenched.

The vast majority of people’s sphincters release well before the 60-second mark. Women tend to be able to hold it longer because they are likelier to have done kegel exercises (especially if they’ve been pregnant), which strengthens the sphincter muscles. For the sake of argument, let’s say your male partner can clench his sphincter for :55 before it involuntarily releases.

What are we to do with this information?