Linux for Beginners

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Linux for Beginners

English | 2019 | ISBN: 1801825025 | 155 Pages | EPUB | 0.17 MB

Do you want to discover the potential of Linux operating systems?
Are you ready to learn the basics of Kali Linux Hacking, how to make your operating system invulnerable and manipulate systems by command line?
Many technological empires are beginning to switch over to Linux as the basis for all their working mechanisms because it’s free and incredibly stable. Massive websites are being built and hosted on Linux operating systems, and people who are building their own smart homes on a budget are doing it with Linux operating system distributions and its supported coding languages! While it all might seem incredibly overwhelming, give yourself some credit: learning anything new comes with learning new words, new concepts, and new pieces of information to work with.

Currently, the user of a personal computer has a wide range of operating systems. Leading software manufacturers have made sure that the end user gets the most loyal and convenient way to work with a personal computer. Until recently, it was believed that Linux-based operating systems were quite difficult to manage and are suitable only for “confident” users. Is it so?

We should start with the fact that now on the market there are three of the largest companies developing software. This is

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Microsoft, and its Windows
Apple and its Mac OS
Linux and Linux distributions (the most popular is Ubuntu).
Note that the first two systems are paid software and their price starts from a few hundred dollars. Unlike Windows and Mac OS, Linux distributions are completely free.
It isalso worth noting that Mac OS is distributed exclusively with Apple products. In other words, personal computer users cannot install this operating system. Only Mac computer and laptop owners can install this.

In addition to pricing, Linux also benefits from system security and stability. All of us have heard stories that a dangerous virus has appeared on the network, which can delete all the data of Windows users. For UNIX systems, viruses are practically non-existent. Downloading from the Internet or ordering a free disk with the Ubuntu distribution, you will receive a fully-fledged operating system. You will not need to download additional software: all the basic applications required for the average user are already included in the Ubuntu package.

All this said and done, what comes into the spotlight is the job profile of a Linux system administrator. There is a huge demand for this profile in all the major organizations worldwide, which work on Linux systems. This book provides a beginner’s course to the Linux system and we hope that it will encourage you to learn advanced Linux system administration in the future.

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This guide will focus on the following:

What are Linux Distributions?
What is Linux and Why Choose Linux?
The Basic Components of Linux
The Installation of Linux
Linux Applications
The Linux Desktop
Basic Administration and Security
Using the Shell
Working with Links
Discerning Commands
Linux Text Editors
The I/O Redirection
File Manipulations
And more!