Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time

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Lifting Heavy Things: Healing Trauma One Rep at a Time

English | May 25th, 2021 | ISBN: 192805577X | 216 Pages | True EPUB | 0.71 MB

A celebrated strength trainer and trauma practitioner offers a fresh and empowering approach to healing and thriving after trauma.

In this innovative title, celebrated trainer and trauma practitioner Laura Khoudari brings a fresh approach to healing after trauma, using strength trainingas an embodied movement practice. Compassionate, witty and fastidiously researched, Khoudari’s debut, Lifting Heavy Things, is a breakthrough title that will empower and inspire you to develop resilience and build emotional and physical strength through working out with weights, while mindful of the ways that trauma can compromise the wellbeing of the mind and body.

In Lifting Heavy Things, you’ll learn about:
Managing chronic pain
Creating the conditions for training and healing
Understanding how trauma shows up in daily life
Using embodied movement practices (beyond yoga) as a tool to comfortably re-inhabit the body
Navigating interpersonal relationships during and after the healing process
Why you don’t have to tell your trauma story (to everyone)
Thriving with and moving beyond trauma

With humor, tenderness and grit, Lifting Heavy Things takes readers on a journey of personal revelation and integration, helping them to lighten their emotional burden and build deep inner strength to lift all of the heavy things that life may bring with greater ease.

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