Kotlin Programming for Beginners

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Kotlin Programming for Beginners

English | February 25, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08XGSTLLS | 182 Pages | EPUB | 5.16 MB

Discover How to Build Highly-Resilient, Scalable, and Beautiful Android Apps With the Kotlin Programming Language!
Are you looking for the perfect language as a beginner to kickstart your journey into software development? Are you a Java programmer, or any other programmer looking for an efficient way to get started designing awesome Android apps?
If your answer is yes, then keep reading…
Kotlin is a powerful, general-purpose programming language suitable for cross-platform development. In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to Kotlinprogramming, you’ll master the core foundations of Kotlin as well as build your own basic Android app from scratch!
Here’s what you’re going to learn in Kotlin Programming for Beginners:Everything you need to know about Kotlin and how it works together with AndroidHow to set up your environment for effective Kotlin application developmentThe core fundamentals of the Kotlin programming language to help you write high-quality codeStep-by-step instructions to build your first Kotlin application that runs on AndroidHow to develop aesthetically beautiful and robust layouts using RecyclerView, NavigationView, etcFoolproof ways to test your applications using the available testing frameworks within Kotlin and keep your app free from bugs…and tons, tons more!
Whether you’re a brand new software developer looking to pick up your very first language, or you’re an experienced Android developer looking to stretch your app to the limits beyond what vanilla Java can offer you, this book is a complete resource guide for everyone looking to master Kotlin and develop awesome apps for Android.

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