Key Concepts in Contemporary Popular Fiction (Key Concepts in Literature)

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Key Concepts in Contemporary Popular Fiction (Key Concepts in Literature)

English | ISBN: 1474411037 | 2017 | 160 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

A jargon-free guide to the key terms, concepts, and theoretical approaches to contemporary popular fiction

Key Concepts in Contemporary Popular Fiction represents an invaluable starting point forstudents wishing to familiarise themselves with this exciting and rapidly evolving area of literary studies. It provides an accessible, concise and reliable overview of core critical terminology, key theoretical approaches, and the major genres and sub-genres within popular fiction. Because popular fiction is significantly shaped by commercial forces, the book also provides critical and historical contexts for terminology related to e-books, e-publishing, and self-publishing platforms. By using focusing in particular on post-2000 trends in popular fiction, the book provides a truly up-to-date snapshot of the subject area and its critical contexts.

Key Features

Provides an engaging and knowledgeable overview of critical terminology and theoretical approaches used by critics working within the field
Introduces readers to the most recent trends and newest terms, including ‘Nordic Noir’, ‘New Adult Fiction’, ‘Cli-Fi’ (Climate Change Fiction), ‘Mash-up’ and ‘Flash Fiction’ as well as significant terms related to fan fiction and web-publishing platforms such as WattPad
Includes an annotated further reading list to crime; horror; romance; fantasy; Science Fiction and comic books/graphic novels
Supplies a chronology, providing readers with a historical overview of the major popular novels, critical approaches, and technological innovations

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