Keep the Men Away

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Keep the Men Away: Ten First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

English | March 2, 2015 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00U7O4FOQ | 77 Pages | EPUB | 0.18 MB

How do you like the sound of this tale of lesbian awakening?

Jan Comes Home (And She Cheers Me Up!)
An Erotic Tale of Lesbian Awakening by Melody Anson

A week after my best friend left for two years in Europe, I caught my husband screwing his secretary. I was devastated and it was only internet communication with Jan that got me through it. When she returned from Europe, I was still devastated, and she decided she was going to get me out of my blue funk. Before I knew it, she kissed me, and from there she took me along the beautiful path to my very first lesbian experience!

That’s just one of the steamy lesbian sex stories you’ll find in this collection. Click now and the girl/girl fun can be on your Kindle device in seconds.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes reluctant sex, first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Here are the rest of the first lesbian sex erotica stories in this bundle:

2. April’s Arousing Afternoon
A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Kimmie Katt
3. Blood Lust
A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Erotica Story by Kandace Tunn

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4. Picked Up By Ava
A Lesbian Seduction by Alice Drake

5. When Clarissa and Laura Took Me (My All Girl Threesome)
A Group Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Alice Drake

6. Double Penetration with My Roommates (My Intense Lesbian Threesome)
A Tale of First Lesbian Sex in Groups by Angela Ward

7. Anime Schoolgirl
A Lesbian Bondage Erotica Story by Samantha Sampson

8. Avoiding Arrest
A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Lisa Vickers

9. A Kiss So Sweet
An Erotic Tale of First Lesbian Seduction by Carolyne Cox

10. The Sorority Hazing Beach Orgy
A Tale of First Lesbian Sex by Alice Drake