Jquery And Javascript Coding Exercises: Coding For Beginners

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Jquery And Javascript Coding Exercises: Coding For Beginners

English | November 15, 2020 | ASIN: B08NLFQP3F | 78 Pages | AZW,EPUB,MOBI,PDF | 1.77 MB

This Books Absolutely For Beginners:
Table Of Contents
Jquery Coding Exercises
Check Jquery Is Loaded
Scroll To The Top
Disable Right Click Menu
Blink Text
Create Table Effect
Make First Word Bold
Underline All The Words
Change Button Text Using Jquery
Add Options To A Drop-Down List
Set Background-Image
Delete All Table Rows Except First One
Disable A Link
Change A Css Class
Set The Background Color
Add The Previous Set Of Elements
Add A Specified Class
Add Two Classes
Insert Some Html
Count Every Element
Count All Elements
Animate Paragraph Element
Javascript Coding Exercises
Display The Current Day And Time
Print The Contents
Display The Current Date
Find The Area Of A Triangle
Check Whether A Given Year Is A Leap Year
Calculate Multiplication And Division
Convert Temperatures
Find The Largest
Reverse A Given String
Replace Every Character
Capitalize The First Letter
Convert Number To Hours And Minutes
Count Vowels In A Given String
Create A New String
Concatenate Two Strings
Move Last Three Character
Compute The Sum
Add Two Digits
Check Whether A Given Year Is A Leap
Check Given Positive Number
Check A String Starts With ‘Java’
Check Two Given Integer Values
Find A Value Which Is Nearest To 100

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