Jolly Cheeks – Meal Preps: Meal Prep For A Month Plan

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Jolly Cheeks - Meal Preps: Meal Prep For A Month Plan

English | ASIN: B08699BQ48 | 242 Pages | EPUB | March 23, 2020 | 10.5 MB

If You’re A Busy Parent, Here’s How To Keep Your Family Fed And Happy!

If you’re a parent, you probably know this.

You’ve spent your entire day taking care of your kids, doing chores, and probably trying to squeeze some work into your schedule as well. Now you’re supposed to cook dinner… but where do you even start? The fridge is half-empty, your toddler is having an existential crisis because they’ve lost a sock, and you’re almost too tired to move, let alone cook something elaborate.

But what if you could just grab a few plastic containers out of the fridge and effortlessly servea mouth-watering dinner in just a few minutes?

This is the magic of meal prep.

Simply planning and preparing a week’s worth of meals in advance has the power to transform your family life!

Here are some benefits of meal prep:
– Saves you HOURS of time every week
– Makes it easier to plan grocery shopping
– Encourages healthy eating habits
– Provides a steady supply of healthy snacks, helping you lose weight
– Reduces stress levels, making the entire family happier!

This book is a complete guide to meal prep for families – with a 31-day meal plan and over a hundred recipes included!
Here’s what you’ll learn:

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– Why meal prep is the ideal approach to cooking for small and large families alike
– How to organize your kitchen for stress-free meal prep
– How to prep over 121 quick and delicious meals
– How to plan and do your grocery shopping with minimal effort
– How to create monthly meal plans (sample plan included)

You might think that you don’t need this book because you genuinely enjoy cooking every day. However, there’ll be times in your life when you welcome a new baby, have a stressful week at work, or just don’t have time to cook. Be prepared for such times by getting this meal prep book in advance!