Java: Programming Basics for Beginners

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Java: Programming Basics for Beginners

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09BB6M67K | 108 Pages | EPUB | 0.56 MB

ï Java Made Easy – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners ¡ï

Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages available. Most of the modern applications built around the world are made from the Java programming language. Its portability and ease of use has ensured that it remains in demand.
If you are new to programming or have some coding experience in some other programming language and now want to learn java then this is the book for you.
The best way to learn a programming language is by doing. This is exactly what this book focuses on. This book is not like the other books where the author keeps on talking about the theory part without any hands on. This book will get you coding right from the first chapter itself. For every topic explained in the book there is an example program with explanation.

What This Book Offers
Java for Beginners

This book is made for beginners. Even if you have never written a single piece of code in your life you will find this book very easy to read and understand. This book will teach you everything from installing the software stack needed to run java program to running your first java program (Off course Hello world) and much more.

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More Than 50 Example Programs

For every topic explained in this book there is an example program along with the line by line explanation of the program and it’s output.

Learn Java Fast

This book will teach you everything in the shortest way possible. You no longer have to read long books or watch online courses which gets you all confused about what is what. With this book you can learn java fast.

How is this book different

Unlike the other books or online courses which puts you to sleep after just 10 mins of reading or listening this book will get you all hooked up and interested in java. With each example program that you run and execute you will gain more confidence. After executing around 50 java programs in this book you will not only get an immense sense of achievement but it will also help you to retain the knowledge of the topics that you learned.

What you’ll learn:

Introduction to Java
– What is Java?
– What software do you need to code Java programs?
– How to install and run JDK and Netbeans?

Your First Java Program
– Basic structure of java program
– What is a Package?
– What is a Class?
– What are Objects?
– What are Attributes and Methods?
– main( ) method
– What are Comments?

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Data Types in Java
– What are Variables?
– What are Data types?
– What are the different data types used in java?

Variables in Java
– How to name a Variable?
– How to initialize a Variable?
– What is Variable Scope?

Constants in Java
– What are Constants and how to use them?

Operators in Java
– What are Arithmetic Operators?
– What are Relational Operators?
– What are Logical Operators?
– What are Assignment Operators?
– What are bitwise operator?

Type Casting in Java
– What is Widening Casting or implicit conversion and how to use it ?
– What is Narrowing Casting or explicit conversion and how to use it?

– What are While loops?
– What are do-while loops?
– What are for loops?

Decision making
– What is if statement?
– What is if-else statement?
– What is else-if statement?
– What is switch statement?
– What are Nested statements?

This book focuses more on quality learning than quantity. After you complete this book you will be an expert in the above topics.