Japanese for Professionals, Revised Edition

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Japanese for Professionals, Revised Edition

English | March 3rd, 2021 | ISBN: 1568365993 | 216 Pages | True EPUB | 43.17 MB

From the authors of the best-selling Japanese for Busy People series comes a must have for intermediate and advanced learners who want to focus on building business Japanese language skills.

The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), renowned for its Japanese for Busy People series, has developed a comprehensive course for students who need to use Japanese in a real-life business environment.

Almost a decade after its first edition, Japanese for Professionals has been revised and updated to reflect current business scenes. Moreover, learners can now practice their listening skills with the newly added audio for the dialogues and exercises from the text.

Eight lessons introduce common business situations with the emphasis on how to communicate with Japanese colleagues and clients. Each lesson is consisted with two parts: Part 1 is set to observe the dialogue and Part 2 is set to further enhance comprehension of the dialogue with exercises.

Precise definitions for all new vocabulary and lucid explanations of grammar, idioms, and cultural differences provide the reader with powerful communication tools for the office. Exercises and quizzes have been included to help students check their progress. Busy professionals will find the bilingual glossaries a useful reference even after completing all the lessons in this clear and extremely helpful textbook.

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Japanese for Professionals is specially designed for learners who are familiar with basic Japanese and ideally be at level N2 or N3 of JLPT, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.