It Takes Two to Yoga: Asanas for Couples & Partners

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It Takes Two to Yoga: Asanas for Couples & Partners

2016 | 331 Pages | ISBN: 8129139677 | EPUB | 5 MB

When two people meld, the impact and the experience of their practice deepens on account of touch. It Takes Two toYoga moves beyond individual yogic practice, and embraces the essence of yoga-a term that, in fact, means a ‘union’ or a ‘yoking together’. It considers asanas that two people can practise as one-whether they are colleagues, couples, parents or friends-to deepen the impact of postures. After hand-holding readers through a series of preparatory poses, this book goes on to guide partners and couples through the minutiae of more than forty two-person postures-among them, ‘butterfly arch’, where two bodies curve like the wings of a moth; ‘London bridge’, where two pairs of hands knot to form an overpass; and ‘flying bow’, where one of two partners seems to levitate! Besides photographs, each posture comes with detailed practice instructions; the vision guiding the pose; and how best to build awareness. What makes It Takes Two to Yoga particularly special is its emphasis on touch. By focusing on this form of non-verbal communication, the book uses yoga as a tool to establish a connection that goes beyond the purely physical; rather, couples and partners, by practising as one, come to embrace laughter, trust, compassion, forgiveness, and an acceptance of each other’s limitations.

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