Iron Biceps

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Iron Biceps

English | December 16, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08KYMV23D | 102 Pages | PDF (conv) | 5.84 MB

In this book, I want to share with you my unique methods of building natural, safe and effective strength training for the development of phenomenal arm strength, which for many years have successfully helped to solve problems associated with a lack of physical strength and muscle mass in the arms, first, to me, and then , and a huge mass of trainees.Any person who, once decides to become strong, is already worthy of respect! But only one solution is not enough: you need to know a clear path, a prescription, an algorithm, following which he will be able to implement his plan. In this case, he can be compared with a climber who has set himself the goal of making a dangerous ascent to a peak that has not yet been conquered by him and his main task is to find the path leading there: the only correct, effective and safe one. I – found this path, I – conquered this peak, I – became strong, remaining healthy! And that means that I can help you with this, if you want it!


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