Introduction to Vinegars – Natural Vinegars for Health and Beauty

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Introduction to Vinegars - Natural Vinegars for Health and Beauty

English | ASIN : B01B55MN5S | 2020 | 61 Pages | AZW3 | 2 MB

If you enjoy cooking, or have some interest in herbal remedies, naturally. It is a given that you know all about one of the important ingredients of healing which has been in use for millenniums all over the world in the form of vinegar.

Archaeologists have found urns in Egypt, going back to more than 6000 years, with traces of vinegar in them. I would not be surprised if that was just wine which had gone wrong, and somebody decided, all right, we are not going to waste it, we are going to use it for cooking.

The holy Bible refers to vinegar where Ruth was allowed to dip bread in the vinegar – Ruth 2:14-by Boaz. He being an ancient and great wise man would know all about the restorative and healing qualities of vinegar.

Once upon a time, one of the greatest mischievous activities which I and my brother loved to indulge in was appreciating the homemade orange wine or any other fruit wine made by my father for home consumption, and then smacking our lips, and saying, “Excellent orange vinegar, you have made again dad, where did you go wrong now?”
Of course, the wine was excellent, but it would have him hurrying for a glass of his own, and then wondering what he had done to deserve to such philistines who could not appreciate the difference between good wine and good vinegar. And we would always console him that it would do very well when he was cooking chicken or whatever in a casserole.

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Seriously speaking, I can recognize drunk vinegar better than drunk wine, today. In our city’s French Institute, they have annual wine and cheese sessions, I was always asked to take the first sip of the open bottle to see whether it was fit for consumption. If I looked at the ceiling pensively, and then wondered whether it was wine I was drinking, the bottle would be finished immediately. But the moment I said “oh wow, what is this stuff”, – only those desperate enough to finish the bottles would drink from that particular bottle. It took me 3 years to find out that I was the official vinegar tester!

Naturally, in ancient times, vinegar, which has a large percentage of acetic acid, was not only used for healing and for beauty purposes, but it was also used to give dishes a sour taste.