Interreligious Philosophical Dialogues: Volume 3

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Interreligious Philosophical Dialogues: Volume 3

2017 | 174 Pages | ISBN: 1138237213 | EPUB | 3 MB

Interreligious Philosophical Dialogues, volume 3, provides a unique approach to the philosophy of religion, embracing a range of religious faiths and spiritualities. This volume brings together four leading scholars and philosophers of religion, who engage in friendly but rigorous cross-cultural philosophical dialogue. Each participant in the dialogue, as a member of a particular faith tradition, is invited to explore and explain their core religious commitments, and how these commitments figure in their lived experience and in their relations to other religions and communities. The religious traditions represented in this volume are:aConfucianism aTheravada Buddhism aNative American spirituality aRadical-secular Christianity.This set of volumes uncovers the rich and diverse cognitive and experiential dimensions of religious belief and practice, pushing the field of philosophy of religion in bold new directions.


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