Intelligent Computing and Communication Systems

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Intelligent Computing and Communication Systems

English | 2021 | ISBN: 9811612943 | 440 Pages | PDF EPUB | 84 MB

This book discusses a number of intelligent algorithms which are being developed and explored for the next-generation communication systems. These include algorithms enabled with artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial neural networks, reinforcement learning, fuzzy logic, swarm intelligence and cognitive capabilities. The book provides a comprehensive and insightful understanding of these algorithms, in context with their applications developed recently and also for immediate future communication technologies. It also covers the topics on how to develop intelligent algorithms for computing functionality in the end-to-end networking platforms. Moreover, the book also covers the recent developments, open technological challenges and future directions in the areas of data analysis, applications of the game theory, autonomous entities, evolutionary computation, smart ubiquitous computing and intelligent architectures with major focus on communication technologies and computing platforms.


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