How to Win at Chess

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How to Win at Chess

English | April 6, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B091WJ53L6 | 146 Pages | EPUB | 4.27 MB

Are you a beginner and you want to play like a pro?
Would you like to hone your strength in the game of chess and learning rapidly the openings and strategies most commonly used in the world for surprising your opponents?
If you agree with this, keep reading please!
We are all aware that opening the game in an optimal manner is equivalent to dominate mentally your adversary. And above all, knowing them means to predict when your opponent wants to apply them!
Many people think that the most famous openings can be used only by the Grandmasters, but this is wrong. With the right guide and the correct information, it is possible to learn them and use them like a real pro in a very short time.
This book will give you the possibility to learn from scratch in a fast and effective manner the most famous chess openings and strategies, but especially you will have the ability to memorize with a proven system already tested by chess academies.
Thus you will not have anymore to review a thousand times the same moves, you will learn immediately all movements and actions that you need to do.
Inside the book you will discover:
ô Which ones are the objectives of an Opening.
¡ô A detailed description with illustrations step by step of the best nineteen chess openings in the world: Ruy Lopez, italian game, sicilian defense, french defense, Caro-Kann defense, Pirc defense, english opening, Alekhine’s defense, the queen’s Gambit, modern defense, king’s Indian defense, king’s Indian attack, dutch defense, danish Gambit, slav Defense, Game of Vienna, Damiano’s Opening, latvian Gambit, Petrov’s Defence.
¡ô The most famous and aggressive strategies: Battery Attack, Discovered Attack, Discovered Check, Fork Attack, Pin Attack, Skewer Attack.
¡ô Learn from the Masters: a whole chapter for analysing the matches of the Grandmasters and memorising even faster the strategies.
¡ô A detailed analysis in order to block and surprise your opponent and winning every game.
¡ô Develop your skills through proven and tested workbooks

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And much more!