How To Train Your Birds To Talk: Tips To Train Your New Pet Birds

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How To Train Your Birds To Talk: Tips To Train Your New Pet Birds

English | ISBN: 109462957X | 2019 | 34 Pages | AZW3 | 171 KB

You’ve just adopted your first parrot and you are eager to begin his training regimen. You can hardly wait to teach him to talk, step onto your finger, and perform tricks. Unfortunately, your new bird seems shy and perhaps has even attempted to bite you when you put your hands near him. What should you do? Now, don’t get upset or discouraged. Just because your new bird avoids or even attacks you does not mean he hates you. Birds are highly sociable creatures and your bird desires to interact with you but he’s not sure he can trust you. He doesn’t know yet if you are friend or foe. He wonders if you trying to make friends or if you are trying to eat him. Here are some essentials to establishing the groundwork for training your pet bird in this book. Book Content Includes:Chapter 1 – How to Begin Training Your Pet BirdChapter 2 – The 3 Most Common Bird Training MistakesChapter 3 – Parrot Training – Three Tips If Your Bird is CrazyChapter 4 – Clicker Training, Will It Work With My Parrot?Chapter 5 – Bird Screaming ProblemChapter 6 – The One Essential Thing You Absolutely Must Teach Your Pet BirdChapter 7 – Food Rewards for Training your Performing Bird

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