How to Talk Dirty

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How to Talk Dirty

English | November 17, 2019 | ISBN: 1708971041 | 164 Pages | PDF | 0.70 MB

Is your sex life on the fritz?

Need to breathe new life into your sexual energy?

Do you want to become your partner’s sexual obsession and drive them wild with desire for you?

We’ve all got a secret animal hidden with us. She may look innocent, but she’s a vixen and a Goddess between the sheets. He may look like a “good boy” on the outside, but behind closed doors, he’s the stallion in bed that makes his lover scream his name with the things he does to her. This primal, animal side exists within us all, and it takes the right kind of language to coax it to the surface.

That language? Dirty talk. Think this is nothing more than cheap talk? Think again. Forget everything that you have been programmed to think and believe when it comes to sex. Dirty talk is nothing like what you think it is. Imagine if you could have the power to make your lover’s body quiver with the right words. What if you knew that saying all the right, naughty things would leave your partner at your mercy, begging for more?
Contrary to what you might think, dirty talk is not all about vulgar words and degrading phrases, and that is what you will learn in How to Talk Dirty. Why did you choose to buy this book? For one, simple reason. You want to learn the phrases, words, mindset, and everything else you need to know to free yourself from the confines of expectation that have been holding you back from living a sex life that could be out of this world.
You will learn:
The history of dirty talk and why we have come to believe it is “taboo”.Why dirty talk is going to be the secret to changing your sex life.Why dirty talk is going to free your inhibitions and how to go about it.An introduction into seduction, with advice for even the shyest lovers out there.How to understand what your lover wants in bed.How to dirty talk when the sex isn’t great.What to say before, during and after an orgasm.101 erotic things to say to your partner to get them in the mood.

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