How To Play Smooth Jazz Piano

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How To Play Smooth Jazz Piano: The Ultimate Guide Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASN: B08NZ1KDRR | 79 Pages | PDF | 3.85 MB

Welcome to How To Play Smooth Jazz Piano. If you’re interested in playing today’s smooth jazz on the piano, but were never quite sure how, then you’ve corne to the right place! Whatever your playing level, this book will help you sound more authentic in your smooth jazz stylings.
After reviewing some essential chords and scales, we’ll dig into the voicing techniques and rhythmic patterns that are vital for the smooth jazz pianist. We’ll focus on “comping” (accompaniment) grooves as well as playing melodies and solos. This will help you to create your own piano parts on a variety of smooth jazz tunes and progressions!
In the process we’ Il also see how smooth jazz styles evolved by combining jazz melodies and harmonies with pop/R&B rhythms and instrumentation. We’ll spotlight the important smooth jazz pianists and keyboardists and learn how to incorporate their vocabulary into our own music.
Several tunes in various smooth jazz styles are included in the “Style File” chapter at the end of the book.
This is a great way to develop your piano chops within these different grooves.
Good luck with your smooth jazz piano!

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