Holocaust Education: Contemporary Challenges and Controversies

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Holocaust Education: Contemporary Challenges and Controversies

2020 | ISBN: 178735797X, 1787357961 | English | 234 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

How do you teach children about the horrifying and systematic violence of the Holocaust? Especially when the very thing that makes it challenging-its intense and complex cruelty-also makes it so necessary to be taught?

Teaching and learning about the Holocaust is central to school curriculums across the globe. But the history of the Holocaust remains controversial and can render teaching it daunting, even to the most experienced instructors. Drawing on landmark research into teaching practices and students’ knowledge, Holocaust Education provides unique insights about classroom learning. It sheds light on key challenges in Holocaust education, including the impact of misconceptions and misinformation, the dilemma posed by images of atrocity, and how to approach teaching in ethnically diverse environments. Overviews of the most significant debates in Holocaust education provide wider context for the classroom evidence. Holocaust Education offers a vital guide, leading readers through some of the most vexed areas of Holocaust challenges and controversies for teachers, researchers, and policymakers.



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