History of Medicine – 4th Edition 2021

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History of Medicine 4th Edition 2021

Requirements: .PDF reader, 164 MB
Overview: Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or illnesses are all things that have been practiced throughout the different phases of human history. It is safe to say that we as humans would certainly not exist in the capacity that we do now without the medical advancements that we have made. The History of Medicine will look at the best and brightest revolutionaries of the medical field, from Hippocrates and his development of the Hippocratic Oath to Alexander Fleming and his invention of penicillin, the ‘wonder drug’. It will also detail the greatest medical inventions and discoveries so far, such as the thermometer, the microscope, the X-ray machine, anesthetic, aspirin, and more. Finally, it will show just how much of an impact medicine has had on our lives by exploring the evolution of medical practices.


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