His First Down: A Secretly Gay Sports Romance (Playing It Straight)

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His First Down: A Secretly Gay Sports Romance (Playing It Straight)

English | 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07QQTLC1F | 109 Pages | EPUB | 0.22 MB

Getting sacked is his top priority.
Lucky Luke Rio has it all. The coveted starting quarterback position on his college football team. All the women and alcoholhe can stand. And a free-ride scholarship to the school of his dreams, all wrapped up in a perfect bow-just like the one on the new car his parents bought him.
But what he wants, he can’t have. No. Not what. Who. After all, the scouts are watching him, and he isn’t interested in the same stigma he’s seen other players endure.
Dirty Damon Dallas is a self-proclaimed sports-slut who likes his men cut, stacked, and as alpha as they come. As the only male cheerleader at his college, he doesn’t believe in editing what he wants and how he lives his life.
But when Damon sets his sights on the outwardly straight, super under-the-gaydar quarterback, he knows he’ll have to keep his big mouth shut to guard the most significant secret he’s ever learned. That is, only if he wants to score this touchdown. And keeping his mouth shut is something no man has ever asked him to do.
His First Down is an M/M secretly gay super sexy sports romance guaranteed to get you soaked.

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