Hands-On Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 2 and React, 2nd Edition

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Hands-On Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 2 and React, 2nd Edition

English | May 23rd, 2019 | ISBN: 1838822364 | 316 Pages | EPUB | 6.81 MB

A comprehensive guide to building full stack applications covering frontend and server-side programming, data management, and web security

Key Features
Unleash the power of React Hooks to build interactive and complex user interfaces
Build scalable full stack applications designed to meet demands of modern users
Understand how the Axios library simplifies CRUD operations

Book Description
React Hooks have changed the way React components are coded. They enable you to write components in a more intuitive way without using classes, which makes your code easier to read and maintain. Building on from the previous edition, this book is updated with React Hooks and the latest changes introduced in create-react-app and Spring Boot 2.1.

This book starts with a brief introduction to Spring Boot. You’ll understand how to use dependency injection and work with the data access layer of Spring using Hibernate as the ORM tool. You’ll then learn how to build your own RESTful API endpoints for web applications. As you advance, the book introduces you to other Spring components, such as Spring Security to help you secure the backend. Moving on, you’ll explore React and its app development environment and components for building your frontend. Finally, you’ll create a Docker container for your application by implementing the best practices that underpin professional full stack web development.

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By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to build modern full stack applications with Spring Boot for the backend and React for the frontend.

What you will learn
Create a RESTful web service with Spring Boot
Grasp the fundamentals of dependency injection and how to use it for backend development
Discover techniques for securing the backend using Spring Security
Understand how to use React for frontend programming
Benefit from the Heroku cloud server by deploying your application to it
Delve into the techniques for creating unit tests using JUnit
Explore the Material UI component library to make more user-friendly user interfaces

Who this book is for
If you are a Java developer familiar with Spring, but are new to building full stack applications, this is the book for you.