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Josh Koppel, “Good/Grief”
Harper Perennial | 2000 | ISBN: 0060956283 | 370 pages | File type: PDF | 100.78 mb

A self-portrait from the digital generation, GOOD/GRIEF is an adventure through the anxieties of growing up, told in a memorable, unorthodox format. Combine Koppel’s ingenious QuickCam images with his hilarious way with words and you have an arresting debut: six almost mythic incidents from Koppel’s childhood, including the trauma of first pubic hairs and the realization that dancing with his mother can be kind of . . . well, you know, strange. It’s just like a children’s bookexcept it’s for adults. By turns humorous, scary, tender, and always disarming, GOOD/GRIEF introduces a born storyteller.

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