Functional Encryption

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Functional Encryption

English | 2021 | ISBN: 3030608891 | 319 Pages | PDF EPUB | 12 MB

This book provides awareness of methods used for functional encryption in the academic and professional communities. The book covers functional encryption algorithms and its modern applications in developing secure systems via entity authentication, message authentication, software security, cyber security, hardware security, Internet of Thing (IoT), cloud security, smart card technology, CAPTCHA, digital signature, and digital watermarking. This book is organized into fifteen chapters; topics include foundations of functional encryption, impact of group theory in cryptosystems, elliptic curve cryptography, XTR algorithm, pairing based cryptography, NTRU algorithms, ring units, cocks IBE schemes, Boneh-Franklin IBE, Sakai-Kasahara IBE, hierarchical identity based encryption, attribute based Encryption, extensions of IBE and related primitives, and digital signatures.


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