Formal Linguistics and Language Education

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Formal Linguistics and Language Education: New Empirical Perspectives

English | ISBN: 3030392562 | 2020 | 229 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 6 MB

This volume focuses on work that has its origin and motivation in formal linguistics and theory-driven research on the acquisition of grammar, and on this basis tries to establish links to language pedagogy, including students’ and teachers’ beliefs about what ‘grammar’ actually is. The contributions to this volume cover a wide range of empirical linguistic domains and concern aspects of morphosyntax, including word order, inflectional morphology, article systems, pronouns, compounding patterns, as well as orthography and students’ general beliefs about grammar.

“There are very few volumes which include work for language education by researchers in formal linguistics. This volume does just that, looking at grammar both in terms of the teaching of grammar in general, and with treatment of specific areas of grammar. As such it is a welcome contribution to our understanding of language education, and the role of grammar in language teaching.” (Melinda Whong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)


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