Flute for Beginners

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Flute for Beginners: Tips and Tricks of Playing your Flute to Perfection

English | September 21, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08JDTR6BQ | 146 Pages | EPUB | 0.40 MB

Are you thinking about learning to play the flute? Or are you already learning and want some extra guidance?Then you’ve come to the right place.There are hundreds of books that claim to teach you how to play the flute, but many simply don’t live up to the promises they make.You can stop your search right now.Flute for Beginners provides you with a comprehensive guide on the basics of playing the flute, along with plenty of tips, tricks, and practical examples to help you learn quickly and efficiently. A book praised by flute teachers and students alike; it is a one-stop guide to the flute and its music.In this book, you will learn:A brief history of the fluteHow to choose a fluteThe basics of playing the fluteArticulationHarmonicsHow to tune your fluteIntermediate techniquesAnd much, much more!I have sifted through the entire available flute literature to offer you the handpicked gems that will cement the techniques for you to learn so that you can become a confident player as quickly and smoothly as possible.I have pooled my knowledge of 15 plus years of flute playing and teaching into this book in a concise and powerful package that will have you playing the flute like a pro in no time.Absolutely no prior knowledge is needed; this simple yet comprehensive guide is perfect for beginners of all ages:Easy, coherent, and concise instructions. Progression in easy stages.Loaded with examples and exercises to reinforce everything you learn.Enjoyable, easy to follow, and full of suggestions.Learn at your own pace.Teaches everything from assembling your flute to the most technical of flute repertoire.Tons of tips and tricks to augment your flute playing.Teaches technique in easy to follow steps and provides more than one route to learn a technique.Thoroughly up to date with new flute mechanisms and repertoire.Ready to learn how to play the flute like a pro?

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