Everyday Carry Guide For Survival

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Everyday Carry Guide For Survival

English | April 1, 2017 | ISBN: 152097938X | 47 Pages | EPUB | 0.14 MB

Everyday carry, often abbreviated as EDC, is simply defined as the items that one carries on him or herself consistently each day in order to make everyday life easier or to deal with potential emergency situations. So in the most simple sense, EDC is the collection of important items that we always stuff our pockets (or bags/purses) with before we step out of our house. While each of us technically has an EDC, because we all have items that we carry every day such as a smartphone or wallet, far fewer of us actually have a complete EDC kit that will enable us to handle unexpectedsurvival situations or life threatening emergencies that we could run into. This book will teach you how you can improve your EDC so you can accomplish two things: 1. Make your everyday life outside of your home easier 2. Be prepared for an unexpected survival or emergency situation The specific topics that we are going to cover include the following: – Why You Need To Have A Complete EDC – Essential EDC Item #1: Phone – Essential EDC Item #2: Wallet – Essential EDC Item #3: Fighting Knife – Essential EDC Item #4: Flashlight – Essential EDC Item #5: Tactical Pen – Essential EDC Item #6: Watch – Essential EDC Item #7: Belt – Essential EDC Item #8: Concealed Firearm – Additional EDC Items To Consider – Common EDC Mistakes To Avoid By the end of this book, you will have a clear idea of the items you should strongly consider including in your EDC, the qualities to look for in each of those items, and how you can make your EDC as streamlined and effective as possible.

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