Erwin Schrodinger – 50 Years After

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Erwin Schrodinger - 50 Years After

English | ISBN: 303719121X | 2013 | 195 Pages | PDF | 40 MB

Erwin Schr?dinger (1887-1961) was an Austrian physicist famous for the equation named after him and which earned him the Nobel Prize in 1933. This book contains lectures presented at the international symposium “Erwin Schr?dinger -50 Years After”, held at the Erwin Schr?dinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics in January 2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Schr?dinger’s death. The text covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from personal reminiscences to foundational questions about quantum mechanics and historical accounts of Schr?dinger’s work. Besides the lectures presented at the symposium the volume also contains articles specially written for this occasion. The contributions give an overview of Schr?dinger’s legacy to the sciences from the standpoint of some contemporary leading scholars in the field. A publication of the European Mathematical Society (EMS). Distributed within the Americas by the American Mathematical Society.


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