Environmental Law, 2nd edition

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Environmental Law, 2nd edition

English | February 3, 2019 | ISBN: 019552229X | ?528 Pages | PDF | 7,6 MB

Environmental Law Second Edition equips readers with the tools to understand environmental law in Australia. Taking an innovative and interdisciplinary approach, it explores the rapid changes that law and policy in this area have gone through: to encompass broader notions of environment and a wider range of environmental actors; to embrace knowledge from other disciplines; to employ diverse and innovative regulatory approaches; to expand coverage to international as well as national and local issues, and to integrate with law and policy in other regulatory fields.

The influence of these trends means that environmental law can no longer be understood, researched or practiced as a self-contained disciplinary area focused on the application of traditional legal remedies to discrete environmental problems. Rather, the area now encompasses broader, multiple notions of environment, embraces knowledge from other disciplines, employs a diverse and innovative range of regulatory approaches, covers international as well as national and local issues, and is integrated into the policy and legal landscapes of various regulatory fields, including economic development and trade.



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