Emotional Intelligence: Analyze People, NLP & Persuasion (Raise Your EQ, Master NLP, Influence and Persuasion)

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Emotional Intelligence: Analyze People, NLP & Persuasion (Raise Your EQ, Master NLP, Influence and Persuasion)

English | September 16, 2019 | ISBN: 1693035049 | 538 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 3.41 MB

Successful people, no matter their profession or field of interest all have one key characteristic in common: they are masters of managing their emotional energy.
Simply put, they control their emotions, and don’t let their emotions control them. They know how to direct their emotions to give them the best results, and don’t get caught up in negativity.
Imagine what you would be able to accomplish by freeing up our most powerful resource – our emotions – and using them to our advantage!
This book contains 5 Bestselling manuscripts that will help you to completely master your emotions by increasing emotional awareness in your life:
? Emotional Intelligence: Build Stronger Relationships and Become an Influential Leader
? Analyze People: Master Cold Reading and Psychoanalysis for Instant Social Leverage
? NLP: Persuasive Language Hacks: Instant Social Influence With Subliminal Thought Control and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
? NLP: Frame Control: Using the Mindset of Power to Get What You Want in Relationships, Business & Life
? NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Made Easy: Snap Into a New Mindset with 5 Weird NLP Tactics
This book will teach you all about increasing your emotionalintelligence and improving your relationships and personal influence! It is highly actionable with step by step exercises and a 10 Day EQ challenge.
This is just a fraction of the things you will learn after reading this book:
? The 9 key characteristics of highly emotional intelligent people, and how you can develop them
? 10 powerful techniques to fast-track your emotional growth through self awareness
? Exactly how to tap into your natural leadership abilities
? The seven hallmarks of healthy relationships
? Why neutral thinking is the secret behind emotionally intelligent individuals, and how you can develop this skill
? How you can change even the most stubborn person’s mind with subliminal thought control
? The most effective psychological tactics for successful negotiation
? Powerful language patterns to get people to look to you as an authority – automatically
? Using advanced Frame Control techniques such as humor to get what you want
? Look at the world in a whole new way that will allow you to get the most out of life
? And much much more!
Whether you are looking for greater social influence in business and relationships, or if you are simply looking to learn to improve your communications, the value of high EQ and interpersonal skills cannot be underestimated!
Can you afford NOT to get this book???

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