Electronic Technician Book 1 of 7

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Electronic Technician Book 1 of 7

English | January 13, 2014 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00HUUML1Y | 102 Pages | EPUB | 1.55 MB

This eBook covers Electrical Components, Electrical Units, Scientific Notation, Metric and Engineering Notation and Atoms and Electrons. Each eBook contains a URL to our website where you can take a quiz on each module contained in all of the seven (7) eBooks. This is a real plus as it tests your understanding of the content of each eBook

This eBook should really help you decide if electronics and in particular technical fields that use electronics is something you want to pursue. Good paying and secure jobs are becoming harder to find except in technology. The Crescent Multimedia eBooks should help you get started.



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