Electronic Circuit Simulator LTspice XVII Creating Symbols

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Electronic Circuit Simulator LTspice XVII Creating Symbols

English | 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07KT4C165 | 84 Pages | PDF | 8.62 MB

The free LTspiceXVII provided by Analog Devices offers many parts. However, in Japan there are no commonly used parts, so even if you create a circuit diagram, you will not get accurate results.
Each semiconductor maker provides a free SPICE model for symbol creation, so even beginners can create their own symbols.
Basically, it is rare to create new symbols from scratch.
You can automatically create symbols from SPICE models provided by semiconductor manufacturers.
It is necessary to slightly change the pin arrangement according to the wiring of the schematic, but the detailed procedure will be explained here.
If you want to simulate using LTspiceXVII from now on, you could refer to this book.
This manual is No.3 “Symbol creation version” of the TOOL series for electronic circuit design using the latest version 17.
(No.1 “Basic operation / Circuit creation”, No.2 “Simulation” has already been published, please refer)

CHAPTER 1aLibraryaconfiguration
1.1aDirectory structure on the library
1.1.1a cmp folder
1.1.2a sub folder
1.1.3 sym folder
CHAPTER 2aWhat is SPICE model
2.1aSPICE model types
2.1.1aDevice model
2.1.2aSub-circuit model
2.2aSPICE model file format
2.2.1aLibrary fileèê.libé
2.2.2 Symbol fileèê.asyé
2.2.3 Netlist fileèê.modé
2.2.4 Text fileèê.txté
2.2.5 Circuit fileèê.ciré
2.3aSupplier list of SPICE models
CHAPTER 3aAddition of New model
3.1aAddition of device models
3.1.1 Download the device model
3.1.2 Saving the device model
3.1.3aConfirmation of symbol model
3.1.4aTesting by simulation
3.2a Addition of sub-circuit model
3.2.1 Download sub-circuit model
3.2.2 Creating mylib folder
3.2.3aCreating mysym folder
3.2.4aCreating symbol
3.2.5 Editing symbol attributes
3.2.6 Saving the symbol
3.2.7 Confirmation of symbol model
3.2.8 Testing by simulation
3.3aAddition of DC bias model
3.3.1 Download SPICE model
3.3.2 Symbol file (* .asy) stored location
3.3.3 Netlist file (* .mod) stored location
3.3.4 Directory path settings
3.3.5 Testing by simulation
3.4aAddition of operational amplifier
3.4.1 Download SPICE model
3.4.2 Saving to the mylib folder
3.4.3 Creating symbol
3.4.4 Editing symbol attributes
3.4.5 Saving the symbol
3.4.6 Confirmation of symbol model
3.4.7 Testing by simulation
CHAPTER 4aCreating new symbols
4.1aAutomatic creation of symbols
4.1.1 Download SPICE model
4.1.2 Saving to the mylib folder
4.1.3 Automatic creation of symbols Pin movement
4.1.4 Editing symbol attributes
4.1.5 Saving the symbol
4.1.6 Confirmation of symbol model
4.1.7 Testing by simulation
4.2aManual creation of symbols
4.2.1 Creating symbol
4.2.2 Editing symbol attributes
4.2.3aSaving the symbol
4.2.4 Confirmation of symbol model
4.2.5 Testing by simulation
CHAPTER 5aHierarchy
5.1aHierarchy overview
5.2 Creating hierarchical circuit blocks
5.2.1aSaving the circuit blocks
5.2.2aCreating symbol
5.2.3aSaving the symbol
5.3aTop-level schematic
5.3.1aSaving the top-level schematic
5.3.2aTesting by simulation
5.4aNavigating the hierarchy

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