Domain Driven Design with Spring Boot

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Domain Driven Design with Spring Boot: Enterprise Application from scratch

English | November 4, 2018 | ISBN: 1730819389 | 268 Pages | EPUB | 0.85 MB

This book will explain how to apply domain-driven design concepts in a project with Spring Boot 2.0.6 and how to combine them with practices, such as unit testing (test driven development), relational databases and object relational mappers like JPA(Java Persistence API). We will see step by step how to grow anapplication from the very beginning to a full-fledged solution with DDD principles. Finally there will be two projects, one (static web project using jQuery & HTML) for user interface and another (Spring Boot + REST + JPA project) for API, logic and persistence.You will see the full process of building a software project using concepts such as entities, value objects, aggregates, repositories, bounded contexts, and domain events. In the way I will explain why we make one decision over another. You will learn what DDD concepts are applicable in which particular case and why it is so. We will see, how to apply the domain-driven design principles in a real world application.Book Outline and Prerequisites :IntroductionStarting with the First Bounded ContextIntroducing UI and Persistence LayersExtending the Bounded Context with AggregatesIntroducing RepositoriesIntroducing the Second Bounded ContextWorking with Domain EventsLooking Forward to Further EnhancementsBook Summary :Full application from scratchDomain modelingDDD concepts in practiceSpring BootDatabase and ORMUnit testingMVC

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