Divorce Without Court, 5th Edition

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Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, 5th Edition

By Katherine Stoner
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1413325270 | 480 Pages | PDF | 3.2 MB

Avoid the expense and stress of divorce court

Ending a marriage is always difficult, but you don’t have to be financially or emotionally overwhelmed. Through mediation or a collaborative divorce, you can avoid huge legal bills and debilitating conflict with your ex.

This book guides you through all the steps of negotiating a divorce settlement, using mediation or collaborative law.

Encouraging, straightforward, and inspiring, Divorce Without Court explains mediation and collaborative divorce and shows you how to:
choose the right method for your family
maximize opportunities for settlement
get an agreement in writing
find mediators, attorneys, and advisers, and
protect your children first, last, and always.
Divorce Without Court provides state court websites, contact information for mediation organizations, and clear examples of what you can expect in mediation or collaborative divorce.



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