Cuckold Summer

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Cuckold Summer

ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B077J7R252 | 337 Pages | EPUB | November 15, 2017 | English | 0.27 MB

A year after their wedding, Simon and his beautiful wife Anne are still madly in love. They’re so confident in their relationship that they decide that it would be safe to experiment a little, play some of the games from Simon’s fantasies.

They aren’t sure how to begin until they run into some friends in a Castro Street bar. Dave, a muscular African American, and Celeste, his sensuous blonde wife, have been walking on the wild side for years and they’re willing to help Simon and Anne. There’s just one hitch: Celeste isn’t going to sleep with any men but Dave.

As it happens, that lines up with Simon’s fantasy, which is to watch Anne with another man, someone bigger and more masculine than he is. The experience is wrenching and satisfying for them both, and they go back for more. Soon Celeste is pushing all their buttons, challenging them to go past their boundaries.

Anne and Simon pass Celeste’s tests, and are invited to join a secret club, where there are two kinds of men, powerful Alphas and submissive Betas. To join, they have to take a journey deep into subspace, where jealousy turns to desire and humiliation turns to surrender.

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Simon and Anne need to give up the rules they established to protect themselves and submit to the control of Colonel James, the dynamic leader of the group, who insists on complete surrender. Neither of them wants to stop, but what does it do to a couple when their marriage becomes the plaything of another man?