Cryptographic Engineering

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Cryptographic Engineering

2009 | 522 Pages | ISBN: 0387718168 | PDF | 8 MB

Cryptographic Engineering covers the theory and practice of engineering of cryptographic systems, including encryption and decryption engines, digital signature and authentication systems, true random number generators, and the design, implementation, testing, and validation of cryptographic systems. This book also addresses cryptanalysis of security systems for the purpose of checking their robustness and their strength against attacks, and building countermeasures in order to thwart such attacks by reducing their probability of success. The material includes four important features:ASIC and FPGA hardware design for cryptography,Principles and practice of true random number generators,Detailed algorithmic treatment of public-key cryptographic systems and emphasis on the engineering of systems, andSide-channel attacks on cryptographic systems and countermeasure designs.Cryptographic Engineering is a comprehensive text that is suitable as a handbook for hardware and software engineers who are interested in building secure systems using cryptographic techniques.


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