CRUSH IT! Master the Essentials for ALL Types of Writing

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CRUSH IT! Master the Essentials for ALL Types of Writing

Duration: 54m | .MP4 1280×720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 433 MB

Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Discover a simple, fool-proof method for strong writing every time in 3+ hours

What you’ll learn
The five-paragraph essay format as a foolproof structure for all types of writing: university essays, cover letters, theses, personal statements, proposals, etc.
How to construct a strong thesis statement
The difference between the active and passive voices, and why the former is preferable
How to choose and use words for impact in writing
When and how to properly use punctuation
How to apply the mechanics of writing to everyday writing tasks to deliver stellar results every time

A computer, pen, and paper
A commitment to improving
A strong command of the English language

That 25-page term paper…Does the thought of writing it make you sweat?

Want to apply for that 6-figure job, but you’re scared senseless that your cover letter won’t cut it?

Need that $50K scholarship for school, but the essay’s standing in the way?

***No need to keep putting off writing!**

You’ve already got what it takes to conquer writing…After all, writing can be a skill…and skills are learned and mastered.

Discover a straightforward, simple, and fool-proof method for composing myriad kinds of writing with high caliber results every single time…

CRUSH IT! Master the Essentials for ALL Types of Writing

3+ hours of content: Instruction (~1 hour) + Original, Udemy-exclusive exercises to test your content mastery (2+ hours)

14 downloadable PDFs: Lesson recaps, commonly misused words list, punctuation cheatsheet

4 downloadable articles

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More than 50 quiz questions

6 original assignments

1 original sample scholarship essay to analyze

1 original cover letter sample to analyze

Thorough, simple breakdown of the five-paragraph essay format to use across writing tasks

Tried-and-true thesis statement formula to ensure writing is rock solid

Straightforward explanation of the active and passive voices

…Investing approximately 3 hours of your time, 100% percent of your attention, and a serious willingness to master the course material will save you hours of frustration; time hunting for grammar, punctuation, and editing rules; and potentially missed opportunities due to poor writing.

Want to make sure we’re a good fit? Take the short diagnostic quiz to gauge your knowledge of course content!

What about digital writing tools? Won’t those do the same for me as this course?

Digital writing tools are helpful! Typically, they catch misspellings; grammatical errors, such as subject/verb agreement issues; weak usage of the passive voice and other writing mistakes. Sophisticated programs suggest stronger word choice and ways to cut down on wordiness, for example. Nevertheless, the operative word in “digital writing tools” is “tools,” where “tools” are resources meant to aid a writer-not supplant him or her. Digital writing tools should be an instrument instead of a crutch. No A.I. can replace good, old-fashioned, solid knowledge of writing. Three hours and practice isa small investment for a lifetime of certainty in writing.

Can’t I just read a couple of articles on a website and learn the same thing?

This course is the culmination of more than a decade’s work of researching, teaching, revising, tweaking, practicing, and distilling writing into a few hours of high impact, digestible content and exercises. I’ve done the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

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Who needs to learn a formula for writing? And GRAMMAR, too? It’s all about freedom of expression…

Indeed, the world is careening toward informality (e.g., thx, wyd, brb)-all the more reason to master writing to stand out. Tomorrow’s leaders will be master communicators, able to comfortably navigate between formal and informal contexts in writing and speech. Learning a fool-proof formula takes the guess work out of writing tasks and ensures you produce consistently high caliber results when you need to. Investing a little time on the back end takes out the cold sweats, procrastination, fear, and dread of writing on the front end. Mastering just enough grammar to understand how to craft a beautiful piece of writing means you confidently approach tasks anytime, anywhere, and do not have to rely on technology or luck to help you.

Essay writing is a thing of the past-creative writing and copywriting reign supreme.

Essay writing is a tried-and-true template that provides rules and structure to play around with given the requirements of the writing task. While it is true that much internet communication leans toward copywriting and creative writing, much non-internet communication does not. Scholarship and admissions essays, standardized test essays, theses, dissertations, cover letters, and grant applications are all examples of formal writing that differ wildly from copywriting and creative writing. Mastering essay writing is at the foundation of producing strong work in many offline settings.